Anniversary Trip pt2

Yesterday, I left you guys when we were getting in the car to head to Ricketts Glen State Park. (if you didn’t see the post, you can find it here). After a pretty sweet ride through various small towns in PA, we ended up at the parking lot that we thought we were supposed to park at for the hike.

We were super hungry and decided we should just eat before setting off to see the falls. IĀ told Rex I was going to cook in one place, but saw a much better spot and headed there.


I didn’t realize the spot was actually the top of Adam’s Falls and Rex was quite confused to see me in a different spot. But it was an awesome place to eat lunch and see our second falls of the day.


We decided to do a little exploring of Adam’s Falls before heading back to the car to get our boots and head off to see the additional 21 falls at Ricketts Glen.

From there we started on the rest of the hike, which was awesome. In true Pennsylvania fashion there were definitely a lot of rocks (and rock staircases), but it was well worth it. Instead of recapping all of the falls, here are some sweet pictures of the falls before we hit the Highland Trail.

We then went on the Highland Trail and through the Midway Crevasse.

After the Midway Crevasse we hit the last half of the falls. Again, I am going to go the picture route. If you want to know more about them, check out Ricketts Glen’s website.

When we finished the hike we hopped back into the car to head to the Poconos for a night’s stay at the Chateau and to grab some dinner at Barley Creek Brewery. We enjoyed the beer and played a little wiffle ball where we got married.


The next morning we got up and ready for our next hike… To be continued