Anniversary Trip Part iii

After a great night’s sleep at the Chateau we got ready for our third hike of the weekend at Camelback Mountain for our anniversary trip (see the first two parts of the trip here and here).

We drove to the parking lot through some crazy fog and had a great laugh about the “enjoy the view” signs, we could barely see each other!


We decided since it was so hard to see that we should wear our headlamps to light the path / make us more visible. It was definitely a good idea.

Following the directions in the book, we went by a fire tower and the following conversation (which is so accurate to our personalities) ensued:
Morgan: I don’t really want to go up there, but you can
Rex: Do you not want to go up because of the heights or the rule breaking?
Morgan: Both


Once we got on the trail the fog seemed to lessen and we came to a spot with a book to write in for hikers. Clearly we wrote in about our adventures for the weekend.

Then we did some hiking through the fog.

dscf1765We eventually thought we saw “the best vista of the Poconos” but couldn’t be sure because of the fog.

Then some more hiking happened and we were pretty sure we found the “best vista”


It wasn’t until (the sun came out) and we got to the spot that we realized how wrong we were.

This actually was the best! And to top it off, we could see Barley Creek from the mountain.

At the end of the hike we stopped by the Honeymoon rock that we had visited the morning after our wedding to say hi again (and saw a snake on the way).


Post hiking we refueled at Billy’s Pocono Diner and found out it is BYOB, score! Beer and pancakes.


Then we headed to see Serene Green Bluegrass (no pictures) at the Easton Riverside Festival and hit up Hugh Moore Park for some more rootbeer and hammocking before heading home.


Overall it was a wonderful anniversary trip/weekend and I am so happy to have a husband who also thinks that hiking/camping is the best way to spend the time


Anniversary Trip pt2

Yesterday, I left you guys when we were getting in the car to head to Ricketts Glen State Park. (if you didn’t see the post, you can find it here). After a pretty sweet ride through various small towns in PA, we ended up at the parking lot that we thought we were supposed to park at for the hike.

We were super hungry and decided we should just eat before setting off to see the falls. I told Rex I was going to cook in one place, but saw a much better spot and headed there.


I didn’t realize the spot was actually the top of Adam’s Falls and Rex was quite confused to see me in a different spot. But it was an awesome place to eat lunch and see our second falls of the day.


We decided to do a little exploring of Adam’s Falls before heading back to the car to get our boots and head off to see the additional 21 falls at Ricketts Glen.

From there we started on the rest of the hike, which was awesome. In true Pennsylvania fashion there were definitely a lot of rocks (and rock staircases), but it was well worth it. Instead of recapping all of the falls, here are some sweet pictures of the falls before we hit the Highland Trail.

We then went on the Highland Trail and through the Midway Crevasse.

After the Midway Crevasse we hit the last half of the falls. Again, I am going to go the picture route. If you want to know more about them, check out Ricketts Glen’s website.

When we finished the hike we hopped back into the car to head to the Poconos for a night’s stay at the Chateau and to grab some dinner at Barley Creek Brewery. We enjoyed the beer and played a little wiffle ball where we got married.


The next morning we got up and ready for our next hike… To be continued

Anniversary Trip Part 1

For our 1 year anniversary, Rex and I decided to take a nice camping trip over the weekend. We have been itching to go to Ricketts Glen State Park and thought it would be the perfect opportunity. The original plan was to go to Ricketts Glen on Saturday, hike and camp there over night and then do a hike at Camelback mountain before hitting Barley Creek Brewery where we got married on Sunday before heading home. Long story short, our original plan didn’t quite work out. BUT we improvised and managed to add in another hike, a hotel stay, and a concert, so I think we came out ahead.

Friday night after work we packed the car and headed up to Hickory Run State Park. The park is about halfway between our house and Ricketts Glen, they had campsites available for Friday, AND there are a few hikes from the book in the park.

Once we arrived, we set up camp and got to work on finding firewood (him) / cooking dinner (her). We sat around the fire listening to tunes and enjoying some delicious root beer for a few hours before calling it a night.


In the morning we made a wonderful breakfast with bacon, eggs, potatoes, peppers, onions, and avocados to fuel us for the day we had in store.

We then set off to hike Hawk Falls, which was beautiful and a great appetizer for all of the falls we would be seeing just a few hours later.

After Hawk Falls we got back into the car for our drive to Ricketts Glen, which I will recap tomorrow since this is already getting a little wordy.

Made it to Mariton

After missing out on the Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary on Friday we decided to give it a go Monday for our Labor Day hike.

Starting from the parking lot we ventured first to the Bird Blind. We saw some woodpeckers (not sure if they were downy or hairy?), three chipmunks (I did not pee on them), a squirrel, and some other birds that moved too fast for me to figure out what they were with my limited bird knowledge.


Not quick enough to capture any birds in the photo

From there we went to the River Lookout. We mostly saw tree leaves, but it is probably a great spot in the winter/early spring when there aren’t so many leaves.


You can sort of see the river

Up next was the Chimney Rock, great for sitting down for a moment and hydrating.


At this point we realized we may have had too much fun on Sunday and were definitely feeling it, so we decided to make it a shorter hike and head back in the general direction of the car via the Fox Trail, Squeeze Trail, and Kit Trail.


I was a big fan of the name Squeeze Trail

Even though it wasn’t a long hike, we still managed to get sweaty and enjoy our day off- which is really the main goal.


We will definitely be back to check out the rest of the trails in the park and hopefully see more wildlife.

Park Crawl

Everyone knows what a pub crawl is, but what about a park crawl? That’s the new term I am using to describe the hike / adventure Rex and I went on on Friday.

Rex and I switch off choosing what hike we want to do. Rex was in charge this week and came up with a two-fer: Ringing Rocks Park (where the largest waterfall in Bucks County is) and Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary.

I didn’t really know anything about Ringing Rocks Park and was quite confused when Rex said “We almost forgot the hammers” as we were walking out the door. Down to the basement I went to grab two hammers (one big and one little) for our trip.

After a drive through the country we got to the park and started banging on the rocks with hammers to hear the ringing sound. Science isn’t quite sure why they make the sound or why they exist where they do. #natureiscool


rex rocks hammer

Boys and their hammers

We then went on the quick little hike down to see the largest waterfall in Bucks County. But, it has been a super dry summer and it was little more than a trickle.


Poor little waterfall

So we had lunch and wandered through the creek bed that normally would be full of flowing water.

r creek bed

There should be water flowing here

A quick stop back at the ringing rocks before we got into the car to go to Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary.

We did a typical Morgan & Rex move and stopped to grab a beer on the way to our next destination.

riegelsville beer

IPAs at Riegelsville Inn

Post beer, we got in the car and started driving without directions to the Wildlife Sanctuary. Long story short: we missed the turn and then didn’t feel like turning around, so we scrapped that stop.

611 drive

View from the car

Almost immediately upon making the decision we saw that there was another park right up the road, the Wy Hit Tuk Park. We stopped for a quick stroll and were going to set up the slackline (his) and hammock (hers), but there wasn’t a good bunch of trees near the river so after a quick swing on the swings we decided to head for home.


And that’s where you would think the story ends, but boy how wrong would you be. Continuing down the road and there is ANOTHER park- River View Park where there are some sweet views of the river. We parked the car, got out the gear and tried to find some sweet trees, but again no luck.

river view park

View of the river at River View Park

At this point we started treating it almost as a personal challenge to find a place to slackline/hammock with views of the river. Rex knew of another spot that might work and was on the way home so off we went again to Hugh Moore Park. This time we were in luck and there were trees galore for slacklining and hammocking.

rex slack

Didn’t get any action shots

hugh moore hammock

It was a great day to be outside and we managed to explore 4 parks and 1 bar.

Falls on falls

Keeping with the hike of the week, last week we took a little road trip to tackle #36: Dingmans Falls. I’m sure I have mentioned a time or two, but I LOVE waterfalls and this one had plenty.

I’m not feeling super wordy today, so this will mostly be pictures.

Starting with Silver Thread Falls:


Then, Dingmans Falls


Followed by Deer Leap (not Deer Leaf or Deer Leak like I thought)

Lunch with a side of falls (still Deer Leap)


Fulmer Falls (for some reason I don’t have many pictures from Fulmer Falls)

fulmer falls.JPG

Factory Falls

and some miscellaneous fun along the way


And some vanlust from the parking lot


If you like rhododendrons… aka Mount Minsi hike

Today’s post is killing two birds with one stone- blogging about a hike! Only 1.25 more hikes and 8 more blog posts (after this one) to go this month.

Yesterday, Rex and I busted out our favorite PA hiking book and decided to check #35 Mount Minsi off of our list. It is pretty close to where my parents and grandparents live so post hike we went for a dip in the pool.

It was a beautiful day for a hike, so much cooler than the last week has been. According to the book, the hike should be 4.9 miles, but we took some detours and ended up doing probably closer to 5.5 miles.

After parking and getting on our way, we quickly came to Lake Lenape which had some sweet lily-pads.


Following the Appalachian Trail is isn’t far to Council Rock- the first of the views. We got to see a little, but with the whole it being summer thing the trees had too many leaves to see much.


A little more hiking ensued and then we got to a much better view. Huzzah!

mount minsi view

We decided that during each of our hikes we want to get a picture to put in book and since there were virtually no other people on the trail we had to get resourceful with our picture taking.


DSCF1387camera in tree

The book told us we would go through a rhododendron tunnel and boy was the book not lying.

rhododendron tunnel

Basically every hike we’ve done in PA has had notes about the rhododendrons and they are quickly becoming an inside joke in our family. If we ever move out of the state I will have to plant some in our yard.

After more hiking and a quick snack break we got to a great view of Mount Tammany. #ohwow


Following the trail to the summit led us to the foundations of a fire tower. We took a minute to pause and my phone started blowing up about things related to work. So, even though I would prefer to not be talking on the phone while in nature, it had to happen.


On the return trip from the summit, we took the fire road which was surprisingly rocky. We read about another view from a bluff that was “marked only by some rusty culvert pipes” After convincing ourselves that we missed the pipes they appeared! We took the detour and came to what I can only describe as a rock desert.


From the bluff there were too many trees and we couldn’t really get a good view. Guess we will just have to do this one again when the leaves fall #twistmyarm. From there it’s just a little longer to the car and end credits.

Till next time folks