Anniversary Trip Part 1

For our 1 year anniversary, Rex and I decided to take a nice camping trip over the weekend. We have been itching to go to Ricketts Glen State Park and thought it would be the perfect opportunity. The original plan was to go to Ricketts Glen on Saturday, hike and camp there over night and then do a hike at Camelback mountain before hitting Barley Creek Brewery where we got married on Sunday before heading home. Long story short, our original plan didn’t quite work out. BUT we improvised and managed to add in another hike, a hotel stay, and a concert, so I think we came out ahead.

Friday night after work we packed the car and headed up to Hickory Run State Park. The park is about halfway between our house and Ricketts Glen, they had campsites available for Friday, AND there are a few hikes from the book in the park.

Once we arrived, we set up camp and got to work on finding firewood (him) / cooking dinner (her). We sat around the fire listening to tunes and enjoying some delicious root beer for a few hours before calling it a night.


In the morning we made a wonderful breakfast with bacon, eggs, potatoes, peppers, onions, and avocados to fuel us for the day we had in store.

We then set off to hike Hawk Falls, which was beautiful and a great appetizer for all of the falls we would be seeing just a few hours later.

After Hawk Falls we got back into the car for our drive to Ricketts Glen, which I will recap tomorrow since this is already getting a little wordy.