Anniversary Trip Part iii

After a great night’s sleep at the Chateau we got ready for our third hike of the weekend at Camelback Mountain for our anniversary trip (see the first two parts of the trip here and here).

We drove to the parking lot through some crazy fog and had a great laugh about the “enjoy the view” signs, we could barely see each other!


We decided since it was so hard to see that we should wear our headlamps to light the path / make us more visible. It was definitely a good idea.

Following the directions in the book, we went by a fire tower and the following conversation (which is so accurate to our personalities) ensued:
Morgan: I don’t really want to go up there, but you can
Rex: Do you not want to go up because of the heights or the rule breaking?
Morgan: Both


Once we got on the trail the fog seemed to lessen and we came to a spot with a book to write in for hikers. Clearly we wrote in about our adventures for the weekend.

Then we did some hiking through the fog.

dscf1765We eventually thought we saw “the best vista of the Poconos” but couldn’t be sure because of the fog.

Then some more hiking happened and we were pretty sure we found the “best vista”


It wasn’t until (the sun came out) and we got to the spot that we realized how wrong we were.

This actually was the best! And to top it off, we could see Barley Creek from the mountain.

At the end of the hike we stopped by the Honeymoon rock that we had visited the morning after our wedding to say hi again (and saw a snake on the way).


Post hiking we refueled at Billy’s Pocono Diner and found out it is BYOB, score! Beer and pancakes.


Then we headed to see Serene Green Bluegrass (no pictures) at the Easton Riverside Festival and hit up Hugh Moore Park for some more rootbeer and hammocking before heading home.


Overall it was a wonderful anniversary trip/weekend and I am so happy to have a husband who also thinks that hiking/camping is the best way to spend the time


Leap Year Love

I’ve gone back and forth a million times on how to write this post. No blog post seems sufficient to express my love for my husband and how happy I am to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. It has been a crazy 366 days! [How cool we got an extra day in our first year of marriage #leapyear]

We went on a crazy honeymoon to Jamaica where we fulfilled Rex’s goal to jump off of something into water at Blue Hole.

Got into a new hobby of brewing beer.


Started on our “Hike of the Week” adventure.

Set up our hammocks in a blizzard where we couldn’t drive on the roads for days.

Finally made it to Colorado to see Arthur & Lydia weeks before they moved.

Moved from VA to PA.


Went to some local sporting events.

Made friends with the bird who lived in the tree outside of our house.

Saw much bluegrass music at concerts and festivals.

Started a garden

Went on an epic anniversary trip

and, as I vowed just a year ago- ate tacos almost every Thursday.


I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us.

I love you ❤