Halfway Mark

I love goals. As a child/teenager, I always had goals I was working toward in swimming and in school. When I graduated college and was working at lululemon and ivivva my love of goals fit in perfectly with the culture (everyone has and publicly posts their 1, 5, and 10 year goals). Now, I still have goals and am using the blog and my Get to Work Book to keep track of them.

I think it is a good idea to check-in on your goals periodically to see how you are progressing and what needs to be done / modified to make sure you are keeping on track. That being said, today is my halfway check-in for September.

Goal: 4
Completed: 2 – Park Crawl and Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary
Plans / Notes: This weekend Rex and I are going on a hiking/camping adventure to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. We plan to do three separate hikes over the weekend, so that will put me over goal! Wahoo

Meetups / Events
Goal: 3
Completed: 0
Plans / Notes: Homebrew Club meeting. I need to do some work on this one. I have 1 schedule, but I have been and will be working a bunch of events at night that will cut into it. I may count the aerial yoga class as one because the point is getting out and doing something fun.

Goal: 13
Completed: This post is 8
Plans / Notes: There will be some hiking posts, book reviews, and some other fun stuff. I am on track and quite pleased.

Goal: 5 books
Completed: 5
Plans / Notes: I have just finished my fifth book this month and have upped my goal to 7. I’ll be posting all about my reading life on the 28th if you’re curious what I have been reading.


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