Favorite Whole30 Recipes

Not going to lie, 30 days with no sugar, dairy, grain, legumes, and alcohol can be challenging. BUT, if you have recipes that are good enough to eat even when you haven’t ditched all the bad stuff, it becomes much more fun.

(If you’d like more info about whole30, you can check it out here. Rex and I did our first in March and have kept a lot of the principles in our daily diets.)

Here are some of our favorite recipes that are whole30:

Shepherd’s Pie: I usually double the recipe because Rex loves it so much. Very excited for it to get a little cooler so I don’t mind having the oven on to bake it.

Peruvian Chicken: The recipe has sugar, but I swap in a splash of orange juice instead and it works. I usually make it with thighs instead of a whole chicken (I really hate trying to cut up/ serve whole chicken). If we are really wanting the authentic experience, I make Yucca Fries with them.

Walnut Crusted Chicken Tenders: Sometimes you just really want crunchy chicken and this is the move.

Mustard Lime Chicken: Fun fact, I didn’t like mustard until we started the Whole30. Now, I love it 🙂

Layered Taco Casserole: I haven’t actually made this yet because my last few bags of avocados decided to not get ripe in a timely fashion, but I have 100% faith that it will be awesome when I do.

Burgers: Everyone loves a burger and there are endless possibilities. My favorites are Hawaiian Chicken Burgers (add pineapple, red pepper, and onion to the chicken meat), Turkey Burgers with Apple and Sage, and “Breakfast Burgers” where I fry an egg and some bacon to top the burger.

Carnitas: I told you guys in my favorite crock pot recipes post how much I love them, but the fact that they are whole30 makes me love them even more. I usually make them with plantain tortillas.

If you have any favorite whole3o recipes, I would love to hear them in the comments 🙂



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