Apple Festival

Over the weekend Rex’s parents came to visit and we had a wonderful time. Saturday was hot hot hot so we took it easy (medi-pedi for the girls, watching football for the boys) and Sunday when it was cooler out we went to Burnside Plantation for the Apple Festival.

We got to taste the winning entry for the gluten-free apple dessert (note to self: enter next year since there was only one entry).There was an animal demonstration from the Wildlands Conservancy where we saw snakes, owls, and a skunk.

We got to act as horses to move the high horse power wheel that was used for separating grain. img_6996

We saw the summer kitchen and tasted some dried apple schnitz.

We also got to play old games


Rex is way better at the hoop game than me

On our way out we watched a blacksmith demonstration and found out that there is an intro to blacksmithing class that is taught just a few blocks from home.


I also did not get a single picture of an apple


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