Made it to Mariton

After missing out on the Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary on Friday we decided to give it a go Monday for our Labor Day hike.

Starting from the parking lot we ventured first to the Bird Blind. We saw some woodpeckers (not sure if they were downy or hairy?), three chipmunks (I did not pee on them), a squirrel, and some other birds that moved too fast for me to figure out what they were with my limited bird knowledge.


Not quick enough to capture any birds in the photo

From there we went to the River Lookout. We mostly saw tree leaves, but it is probably a great spot in the winter/early spring when there aren’t so many leaves.


You can sort of see the river

Up next was the Chimney Rock, great for sitting down for a moment and hydrating.


At this point we realized we may have had too much fun on Sunday and were definitely feeling it, so we decided to make it a shorter hike and head back in the general direction of the car via the Fox Trail, Squeeze Trail, and Kit Trail.


I was a big fan of the name Squeeze Trail

Even though it wasn’t a long hike, we still managed to get sweaty and enjoy our day off- which is really the main goal.


We will definitely be back to check out the rest of the trails in the park and hopefully see more wildlife.


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