Park Crawl

Everyone knows what a pub crawl is, but what about a park crawl? That’s the new term I am using to describe the hike / adventure Rex and I went on on Friday.

Rex and I switch off choosing what hike we want to do. Rex was in charge this week and came up with a two-fer: Ringing Rocks Park (where the largest waterfall in Bucks County is) and Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary.

I didn’t really know anything about Ringing Rocks Park and was quite confused when Rex said “We almost forgot the hammers” as we were walking out the door. Down to the basement I went to grab two hammers (one big and one little) for our trip.

After a drive through the country we got to the park and started banging on the rocks with hammers to hear the ringing sound. Science isn’t quite sure why they make the sound or why they exist where they do. #natureiscool


rex rocks hammer

Boys and their hammers

We then went on the quick little hike down to see the largest waterfall in Bucks County. But, it has been a super dry summer and it was little more than a trickle.


Poor little waterfall

So we had lunch and wandered through the creek bed that normally would be full of flowing water.

r creek bed

There should be water flowing here

A quick stop back at the ringing rocks before we got into the car to go to Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary.

We did a typical Morgan & Rex move and stopped to grab a beer on the way to our next destination.

riegelsville beer

IPAs at Riegelsville Inn

Post beer, we got in the car and started driving without directions to the Wildlife Sanctuary. Long story short: we missed the turn and then didn’t feel like turning around, so we scrapped that stop.

611 drive

View from the car

Almost immediately upon making the decision we saw that there was another park right up the road, the Wy Hit Tuk Park. We stopped for a quick stroll and were going to set up the slackline (his) and hammock (hers), but there wasn’t a good bunch of trees near the river so after a quick swing on the swings we decided to head for home.


And that’s where you would think the story ends, but boy how wrong would you be. Continuing down the road and there is ANOTHER park- River View Park where there are some sweet views of the river. We parked the car, got out the gear and tried to find some sweet trees, but again no luck.

river view park

View of the river at River View Park

At this point we started treating it almost as a personal challenge to find a place to slackline/hammock with views of the river. Rex knew of another spot that might work and was on the way home so off we went again to Hugh Moore Park. This time we were in luck and there were trees galore for slacklining and hammocking.

rex slack

Didn’t get any action shots

hugh moore hammock

It was a great day to be outside and we managed to explore 4 parks and 1 bar.


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