Homebrewed Brown

As I’ve mentioned a time or two, I love beer. Beer that is homemade is even better. Today, I am going to recap our most recent brew and the feedback we got on it at the Lehigh Valley Homebrew Club meetup.

First thing to note: This is only our 4th brew and we are still working with extract. We plan to move to all grain, we just aren’t there yet (aka we need to buy the equipment).

Now that we’ve got that out of the way here are some of the cold hard facts:

Type of Beer: American Brown Ale

  • Malt: Canadian Light LME, Briess Crystal Malt, Munton & Fison Carapils Malt, Briess Chocolate
  • Hops: Bittering- Brewers Gold, Flavoring- Columbus, Finishing- Columbus
  • Yeast: Wyeast 1056


Brew Day: 7/8
  • Pitched yeast @ 79°F
  • OG: 1.050 @ 79°F (adjusted to 1.051 @ 69°F)
  • 5.5 gal (should have been 5 gal, whoops)
  • It was also raining, see below photo
    m brew rain

Fermentation: 68°F for 12 days

Secondary: 7/20
  • just under 5gal
Bottle Day: 7/28
  • Final Gravity: 1.009 @ 69°F
  • ABV: 5.51%
  • Yield: 36 Bottles, 2x Growler (64oz)
Notes & Thoughts:
  • Harvested 2x yeast jars
  • Aging well, saved 2 for 3 months and 6 months
  • Tasted more like English Brown than American Brown, could be hops related
  • Add Victory Malt next time
  • Overall, very drinkable




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