New month, (somewhat) new goals

I absolutely cannot believe it is September already. Where oh where is the time going? A new month means it is time for a recap on my goals from last month and a look at what I hope to be up to this month.

August Goals:
Go to 4 meetups: The point of this goal was mostly to get out and meet some people / do things besides sit at home every night and I thought meetup would be a great way to do that. However, I think it was a little too specific because half of the cool events I went to were not found on meetup- overall success.

Go on 4 hikes: I am calling this one a success too, 3.75/4. You can read about the 3 hikes here, here, and here . Lost River Caverns didn’t get a post or really any pictures because they all came out crappy.

Blog 14 times: Meh, not so good, only 11/14. That being said I did learn some things: 1. It is important to plan what you want to write about. 2. Draft posts / schedule them ahead of time. That way when I know my life is going to be crazy (ie. musikfest week) I am not a dork who doesn’t post.

For September I am going to keep some of the goals the same, modify some, and add some new ones.

Hikes: Keeping up with the hike of the week theme the goal is to get 4 hikes in. Rex and I have one planned for tomorrow and will be going hiking/backpacking for our anniversary so this should be doable (and tons of fun).

Meetups/Events: This month already seems like it is going to be super busy, so I am being realistic and setting the goal to 3. If I can do more that would be great, but I think 3 is a better starting point.

Blogging: Fewer days = fewer posts. This month I am writing 13. Period. The end. I have been trying to set myself up to make it easier for me so check back. Monday I’ll be posting our hike that is happening tomorrow and Wednesday will have some favorite crock pot recipes.

Reading: Last month was a slow reading month and I am trying to keep on track for 52 this year, that means 5 books this month.





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