If you like rhododendrons… aka Mount Minsi hike

Today’s post is killing two birds with one stone- blogging about a hike! Only 1.25 more hikes and 8 more blog posts (after this one) to go this month.

Yesterday, Rex and I busted out our favorite PA hiking book and decided to check #35 Mount Minsi off of our list. It is pretty close to where my parents and grandparents live so post hike we went for a dip in the pool.

It was a beautiful day for a hike, so much cooler than the last week has been. According to the book, the hike should be 4.9 miles, but we took some detours and ended up doing probably closer to 5.5 miles.

After parking and getting on our way, we quickly came to Lake Lenape which had some sweet lily-pads.


Following the Appalachian Trail is isn’t far to Council Rock- the first of the views. We got to see a little, but with the whole it being summer thing the trees had too many leaves to see much.


A little more hiking ensued and then we got to a much better view. Huzzah!

mount minsi view

We decided that during each of our hikes we want to get a picture to put in book and since there were virtually no other people on the trail we had to get resourceful with our picture taking.


DSCF1387camera in tree

The book told us we would go through a rhododendron tunnel and boy was the book not lying.

rhododendron tunnel

Basically every hike we’ve done in PA has had notes about the rhododendrons and they are quickly becoming an inside joke in our family. If we ever move out of the state I will have to plant some in our yard.

After more hiking and a quick snack break we got to a great view of Mount Tammany. #ohwow


Following the trail to the summit led us to the foundations of a fire tower. We took a minute to pause and my phone started blowing up about things related to work. So, even though I would prefer to not be talking on the phone while in nature, it had to happen.


On the return trip from the summit, we took the fire road which was surprisingly rocky. We read about another view from a bluff that was “marked only by some rusty culvert pipes” After convincing ourselves that we missed the pipes they appeared! We took the detour and came to what I can only describe as a rock desert.


From the bluff there were too many trees and we couldn’t really get a good view. Guess we will just have to do this one again when the leaves fall #twistmyarm. From there it’s just a little longer to the car and end credits.

Till next time folks


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