Best of the ‘Fest

As I mentioned before Musikfest threw me for a loop and I ended up getting very little blogging or generally being a productive member of society done. That being said, it was definitely worth it and we got to see what felt like a million bands (and drink what felt like a million beers).


I am going to recap my 4 favorite free bands from the fest for you today. In alphabetical order:

Amish Outlaws: Guys I was all “we are going home by 10:30” one thing led to another and I completely gave up having a bedtime and danced my heart out till the end of their set. [note: When I say “one thing led to another” I mean that they played Short Skirt, Long Jacket by Cake and Pony by Ginuwine Who could leave after hearing that?] I am so happy we stayed, they completely killed it they did a War Pigs/Move mashup and basically you should just watch their promo video where they are described as “the funnest band”

Men and Whales: Not sure what stage to go to next, I had Rex check his handy Musikfest app. He sees “Men and Whales” and that they describe themselves as being influenced by Weezer. Any band that describes themselves as being influenced by Weezer is worth checking out in my book, so that’s where we headed. They were exactly what I was expecting in the best possible way and even finished out their set with Undone-the Sweater Song.

Serene Green: Sooo, they technically were not playing at Musikfest. They were really playing at The Wooden Match where there was also live music, food vendors, and Musikfest mug refills at the same time as Musikfest, but was NOT a part of Musikfest and didn’t take drink tickets? I don’t really understand, but not fighting it. This is the 3rd time this summer Serene Green has played within walking distance from our house and we have managed to miss them both of the other times. If I had to pick a top favorite from the festival, this would be it! They played so much awesomeness and I still have Old Home Place in my head after 3 additional days of music. I am real pumped they are from this area and we will hopefully get to see them again soon.

Twisted Pine: They played the last day of the festival, at 4:30pm, it was almost 100 degrees outside, I was super hungover from the million beers I talked about earlier. BUT Rex and I made it to the Liederplatz and I am so glad we did. There was a lot of weird things happening in the crowd, but I hope they don’t hold it against Bethlehem and come back for Musikfest again next year because Rex and I will definitely be there.

I also think we messed up a little by not seeing much polka, but when it is a heat index of 110+ during the day, you can only do so much. Hopefully it will be a little cooler next year and we can get to more of the weekend daytime events.

I’ll leave you with my favorite picture from the festival- Arthur with a dinosaur.



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