Mid-month goal progress

I can’t believe that August is halfway over already! I thought it would be a good time to do a goal progress report.

Connecting with others IRL
Goal: go to 4 meetups

This one is going pretty okay. I have made it to 1 official meetup with a running club and 2 other non-meetup events with people that I found out about from previous meetups, including the awesome Glowga event. There is another meetup for the local homebrew club on the 30th that I will definitely be at and I am trying to find a few others to schedule in as well.

Connecting with other bloggers
Goal: 3 blog posts a week and actually comment on some other blogs

Week 1 went awesomely, I wrote three posts and then completely failed last week and didn’t write any. I am going to blame Musikfest for that.

Since I can’t go back in time and write posts I missed, I am going to reevaluate and make the goal to have 14 posts written this month (about 4 more each week). I have some things in the works so that should make it easier.

Connecting with nature
Goal: Hike of the week, every week

I would say we have done 1.75 hikes so far this month. I know you are thinking “WTF is a .75 hike?” Well, we had planned to do a legit hike while Rex’s friends from high school were visiting us, but the combination of being hungover (again, thanks musikfest) and the heat index being 110+ we decided not to go crazy and instead went to Lost River Caverns, which I will blog about later this week. It was awesome and definitely filled the nature aspect, but not technically a hike.

Plus, we did one of the more challenging and beautiful hikes early in the month.

Overall, this month is shaping up pretty nicely so far and I am excited for the next 16 days!


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