The Pulpit and Pinnacle

After Rex and I decided to move to Bethlehem, I bought him the book “Explorer’s Guide 50 Hikes in Eastern PA.” The book has a lot of great hikes and we are planning to do them all at some point, we just had a hard time getting started. With my goal of getting back on the hike of the week game, we decided to tackle the Pulpit and Pinnacle- hike #27 in the book.

The hike is a roughly 8.7 mile loop with the best views in the PA section of the Appalachian Trail (the books words, I still haven’t done too much on the AT to compare).


The trail is pretty rocky and steep at parts and I was glad to have my hiking boots and trekking poles to help me out. All the hard work paid off when we got to the Pulpit and got our first views.


We spent some time taking in the view and hydrating before heading off to the Pinnacle. For whatever reason, I thought it was only supposed to be a mile between the Pulpit and the Pinnacle (and we left the book in the car) so that part of the trail seemed to be taking forever. Turns out it is actually over 2 miles between them.

Once we got to the Pinnacle we took a look around before sitting down to eat some lunch. I brought us grilled chicken with peppers and onions, nuts (yay healthy fats) and an apple.

pinnacle pano

After lunch, we spent another half hour or so exploring around the rocks and trying to figure out if the birds we saw were hawks or buzzards- spoiler alert: most of them were buzzards.


I would have stayed all day, but we had to eventually turn around to go home and get to a beer judging competition. The hike back to the car was MUCH easier than the hike up.

Another almost 2 miles on the AT and then we passed the “helicopter pad”

rex helicopter pad

From there we got off the Appalachian Trail and went mostly along Furnace Creek, so we got some nice moving water sounds (#myfav)

furnace creek

With about .5 miles left in the loop we got to the reservoir which was super low.


I really had to pee before we headed home, so I ducked into a discreet spot and almost peed on a chipmunk. Sorry little dude!

Overall it was a great hike and I can’t wait to do it again in the fall when the leaves have all changed colors.


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