Glowga: Yoga Under Stars

It’s Wednesday and I am back with a post about an awesome non-meetup meetup I went to last night: Glowga! For those of you who don’t know what glowga is, it is a yoga class that is done in the (mostly) dark with glow sticks and last night’s class had glow in the dark face paint.

The Pratyush Sinha Foundation hosted the event at the Allentown Rose Gardens and by some luck there was perfect, cool weather (unlike the 95+ degree days we have been having). The class was donation based and I was happy to donate to the cause, they work to bring yoga to children.


The practice was a little over an hour long and a great way to unwind at the end of the day. They had live music which I loved, for as many cool yoga events as I have been to, I think this might be the first one that has ever had live music.



At the beginning of the practice, our instructor mentioned that we would be doing some partner poses. Since I went alone and it seemed like everyone else there had come with a friend I started to mentally freak a little bit. When it came time for the partner poses, I realized one of my neighbors (a grandfatherly man) also didn’t have a partner, so we did temple pose and partner tree post together. He was so nice and I realized immediately that I had been a nutso for being worried. #lessonlearned

This is getting to be a little lengthy for the poor quality of pictures that are with it (apparently it is super hard to get not grainy shots in the dark). I will be back Friday with some fun hiking adventures Rex and I are up to tomorrow.



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