Happy New Month

Happy New Month! This one is already looking like it is going to be a crazy (in a good way) one and I thought today would be a good day to share my goals and fun events coming up this month. If I had to describe my goals in one word it would be connection.

Connecting with others IRL
Since moving to Bethlehem, Rex and I have gone to a few meetups with the local home-brew club and a running club. Everyone has been so welcoming and it has been great to meet new people in our neighborhood. This month I want to continue the trend and get to 4 meetups.

Connecting with other bloggers
So I did the most typical new-blogger thing ever: write one post and then not write another one. Whoops. This month my goal is to write 3 posts a week and start interacting with other blogs. I am currently thinking a M-W-F schedule, so check back Wednesday for blog post #3.

Connecting with nature
Last fall, Rex and I started doing what we called “hike of the week” where we would go out at least once a week and play in nature. Not sure when exactly we fell off of the plan, but my goal for August is to get back on it. I’ve started a list of places I want to hike, now we just need a day without a thunderstorm.

Aside from the goals, we also have a ton of fun things coming up this month which should be awesome. Picnics, friends visiting, musikfest, and a wedding!




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