Oh hey

Why hello there and welcome to my blog. I am Morgan Wessel and I will be sharing snippets of my life with you here.

Let’s start with how we got the blog name: It couldn’t have been done without my wonderful husband Rex Wessel. Not only did I get the fancy new last name from him on September 19 when we got married, but he setup the wordpress site for me when I was dragging my feet on getting started. He is incredibly handsome, smart, funny, and most importantly he puts up with all of my quirks.

Here is some proof of his handsomeness:


Here are some of the things I plan to talk about on the blog, in alphabetical order with B grade pictures because most of these photos were taken without thoughts of ever adding them to a blog.

  • Books: Living less than a mile from the library has been awesome and I have been reading a little bit of everything lately.
  • Cooking: I love to cook and spend a great deal of time in the kitchen. I attempt to eat mostly whole30/paleo, allowing for beers on the weekend and occasional letting loose at parties.
    Whole30 breakfast
  • Hiking / Camping: Nothing beats being outdoors and most of the time you’ll find me with a hammock (eno doublenest that I don’t like to share). Rex and I attempt a hike a week and I always try to steer them towards water(falls).
  • Homebrewing: Like I said in the cooking section, I like beer and experimenting with making it at home has been awesome (and cheaper than buying it at the store win-win).
  • Working out: Running (in an attempt to run a marathon this fall), getting back into yoga, occasional biking, and generally getting fit.

I also love going to see live music, hula-hooping, and doing crafts, so I am sure all of those things will end up here at some point or another.

I hope to keep you all entertained. So with that, I will end this post with a picture of my favorite camel.




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